How to Choose the Right Images for Your Website?

image du blog comment bien choisir ses images pour son site

We can’t say it enough, images are important for any web portal. Not only do images add value to content, but they also improve SEO. However, for them to be effective, it is essential to choose them well.

Whether it’s a website, an e-commerce site, a blog or a page on social networks, no one would care if these platforms didn’t contain images that attract and hold attention.

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Use Images That Appeal to Emotions

People make decisions based on emotion and then justify them with logic. So, be mindful of the emotions you are trying to evoke when choosing your images. If your business is primarily about wine, you obviously won’t use images of people surrounded by children on a beach.

You want your images to be in tune with your reader and to support what you say. We offer a wide range of packshot images of bottles to illustrate your activities and your products. Moreover, the images we offer are of good quality and you have the possibility of modifying the size of the images, according to your needs.

Stay True to Your Brand

Every small business has its own vision, its own look and its own goals, these are things that are unique to a brand. So, before choosing images for your various internet platforms, determine the messages these images will convey. Also, choose them according to your marketing objective.

You can also choose images that tell stories that are representative of your brand. In short, choose images that match what you, as a company, are trying to say. Your potential customers want to identify with you and your brand. Make them feel welcome and part of your company’s story.

Choose the Size and Dimensions of Your Images Carefully

You may not know it, but large images tend to slow down a web portal. So, even if you find some images interesting and suitable for your messages, you should think about compressing them so that they do not harm your website. Thus, you will reduce their size with a compressor, but you will keep their quality.

As for the dimensions, specialists report that for the web, the good dimensions are 1920 x 1080 pixels for a resolution of 72 dpi. As for formats, prefer JPEG and PNG images. Furthermore, whether you are looking for images in our vineyard image database or you are looking for images in our bottle image database, you will find images in the formats, size and dimensions that are suitable for all websites.

Finally, since nowadays, websites are also accessible on mobile devices, it is in your interest to choose images adapted to so-called “responsive” sites. This way, no matter which terminals your visitors use to visit your site, the images you choose will always do their job…


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