comment faire des photos de qualité avec un smartphone

How to Take Quality Photos With a Smartphone ?

With the development of technology, cell phones are increasingly powerful. They include mini cameras capable of taking photographs of remarkable quality. However, technology is not everything. A minimum of knowledge and know-how is required to take memorable pictures. If you don’t have a state-of-the-art phone and you don’t have a minimum of photographic knowledge, you can always turn to an image bank to find quality content. In the wine industry, The Wine Shot is a true reference with photographs from experts in the field.
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Take Photographs With Your Cell Phone Without Abusing the Flash

Many people tend to use the flash wrongly. As soon as a lack of brightness starts to be felt, it is not necessarily useful to turn it on. On the contrary, it is necessary to play on the natural brightness to bring an ambient luminosity which will not seem artificial. Of course, before taking the picture, check that the lens of your cell phone is not dirty. If it is, the result will be unmistakable, because you simply risk obtaining a blurred image.

Regarding the LED flash that equips some cell phones, it is located near the lens which implies a negative effect on your photographs. Indeed, the exposure value is then much too strong, which leads to a much too bright light.

Make Some Adjustments Up Front

Present on cell phones, the digital zoom should not be used. Indeed, the lens of the camera shows its limits very quickly, which implies a quality that degrades as the zoom is used. Even with an optical zoom, the quality will not be comparable to a professional camera.

Other adjustments to make, the use of HDR mode. With this setting, your photos benefit from a more regular exposure, which can be useful when you need a high contrast for your photographs. Almost simultaneously, several photographs are recorded with varying exposures, which allows you to obtain in the end a single photograph with the combination of the different contrasts obtained. But during the shooting, it is imperative to be as stable as possible and to have recourse to a tripod or you will end up with a blurred image.

The Interest of Filters

In order to achieve a better artistic quality, the use of filters allows you to obtain clear improvements. Again, it’s all about where you want your images to go and your ability to make the adjustments. Unsurprisingly, getting great pictures doesn’t happen by accident, but requires equipment and knowledge. For simplicity, why not use The Wine Shot image bank which provides you with all the illustrations you need.


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