comment faire des vidéos de qualité avec un smartphone

How to Make Quality Videos With a Smartphone ?

The use of video represents a great marketing tool to promote your company’s image. It is therefore perfectly possible to use your cell phone to go in this direction. Nevertheless, you need to master some basics in order to get a remarkable rendering.

dessin bouteille et verre de vin

Avoiding Certain Mistakes With Your Cell Phone

The first mistake, although it may seem obvious, is to simply forget that it is a camera. You must therefore pay attention to the stability of the image, because otherwise it automatically brings an amateurish side, unless it obviously corresponds to the desired effect.

The second mistake is to use only portrait mode. This is an automatic reflex, but it is better to use landscape mode. With this, you get a larger view to emphasize the landscape. This is particularly important in the wine industry.

The third mistake is the excessive use of zoom. Unfortunately, the quality is not present on the camera of cell phones. The degradation is then obvious, which undoubtedly harms the quality of your video. If you need to use this function, you can’t do it with a cell phone, but you’ll have to do it with specific equipment. Unsurprisingly, the price of acquiring this type of equipment will be particularly important.

Take Time to Buy Accessories

Even if your smartphone is of very good quality, you will need additional equipment to obtain a video with an acceptable rendering. First of all, the use of a lapel microphone is particularly useful when you need to take the sound into consideration. Without this additional accessory, you use by default the sound sensors of your cell phone which will tend to record all the ambient noises. The result is absolutely deplorable and you get a very poor quality.

The tripod is another complementary piece of equipment for the purpose of stabilizing the image. Rather than using your hands, because unconsciously you are constantly moving, you have a stable support that will make the image static. This is ideal for panoramic views of the vineyard, but also for vertical sequences.

As a supplement, consider using a Shoulder Pod as well. It’s an extra security feature that works great with the tripod. You gain stability and security for a much more impactful shot.

The Alternative With an Image Bank

Even if it is possible to make a video sequence with your cell phone, a minimum of control is then necessary as well as complementary accessories. As a result, you have to invest time and money. The alternative is to turn to an image bank that provides you directly with videos of remarkable quality. It’s a time-saver and a much more profitable investment, provided you choose the right partner. By turning to The Wine Shot, you can be sure to get videos from the wine industry made by professionals.


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