comment juger de la qualité d'une photo

How to Judge the Quality of a Photo ?

If you are in charge of your company’s communication, you are certainly looking for very high quality images. However, you always feel like it’s a never-ending quest, because every time you find an image, another one comes to mind. As a result, you struggle to find consistency in the overall communication.

No matter what kind of photographs you use, i.e. for catalog illustrations, for social networks, for exhibitions, for websites or if you feed a blog, you must take the time to analyze some criteria to be sure that you are using the right image.

dessin bouteille et verre de vin

Judge a Photo According to Your Criteria

If you want to highlight the incredible landscape of your vineyard, you should of course use very high quality visuals that will match what you are looking for. If you want to focus on a specific step of the wine making process, then you will have to play on the artisanal side. The type of photographs is initially essential to target certain specificities.

However, for the quality to be present, your photo must benefit from an excellent exposure, a total harmony on the colors with contrasts and a remarkable sharpness. Although these different criteria are technical, this does not prevent you from being attentive to them or you will miss your visual communication. Since photography is all about technique, experienced photographers will be able to produce shots of absolutely remarkable quality. The Wine Shot is an image bank specialized in the wine industry. On the basis of this website, you will be able to use the particularly relevant evaluation criteria to find the right picture.

Choose the Image With the Most Impact

Faced with the multitude of images on the The Wine Shot site, you’re going to have to make choices about image impact. You can’t do it on quality alone, as all the photos are in high definition and taken by knowledgeable photographers.

Base your decision on the story the photograph tells, its composition and its creativity. You should also ask yourself if the image correlates with your interests and style. It is with this in mind that you will be able to progress in your search for images and eliminate visuals that do not correspond to you at all.

However, these criteria remain particularly subjective and the sensitivity of a person will not necessarily be identical with that of your consumer. You must therefore try to put yourself in the shoes of a typical customer to find the photo that will have the most impact. Unsurprisingly, its influence will be directly dependent on the emotion that the image will be able to generate. Thanks to the continuous availability of the image bank, you can take all the time you need and at any moment to find the best images.


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