comment mettre en avant vos bouteilles de vin?

How to Showcase Your Wine Bottles ?

You have an exceptional vineyard that allows you to make excellent bottles of wine. In order for your consumers to appreciate the beauty of the landscape and your expertise, it is important to use a quality image to get your message across. This is an experience that only a professional photographer will be able to provide and it will be possible for you to find him or her on The Wine Shot thanks to the packshot.

Wine is often associated with a high-end product. To convey a positive image corresponding to your values, it is essential to have recourse to very high quality visuals. The photographer will deploy his know-how with a real artistic research so that you can obtain a visual coherence absolutely essential.

dessin bouteille et verre de vin

Highlighting Your Wine Bottles According to the Circumstances

There is no shortage of good shots for a professional photographer. To showcase your flourishing vines at a particular time of the year, during trellising, pruning, during flowering or even during the harvest season, these different moments can be captured with photographs of exemplary quality.

It is a way to show your customers and prospects all your know-how on the supply chain and your passion for wine. Indeed, the work of the vineyard is above all a year-round activity that requires an extraordinary know-how.

When to Use Photographs ?

Promoting your wine bottles and your winery in general can be done in different ways. You may need to create brochures, website design, greeting cards or even catalogs. With original photos, you will be able to distinguish yourself from the competition by clearly highlighting your vineyard.

There must be a global coherence and the photographs must be in adequacy with your bottles of wine. This is the job of a seasoned professional photographer who can use his or her equipment according to the desired effect. The Wine Shot packshot corresponds perfectly to this philosophy.

With the new technologies, the photographer will not exclusively use his camera in his hands. He can realize aerial photos of your vineyard by using a drone. Ideal to realize very varied angles of view and to have a representative sight of the vineyard.

Although it is possible to make 3d renderings, this process does not represent the quality of your work. It is preferable to choose a Wine Shot packshot to choose the graphic orientation according to the specifications.

In order for you to get a picture of bottles with an impeccable quality, the photographer will have to compose with a set of pictures. No detail will be left to chance, he will take great care to eliminate unsightly reflections and to choose an appropriate light. The color of your wine will thus be faithfully retranscribed or will be on the contrary reworked.

The label of the wine bottle benefits from a very high visibility thanks to a uniform and coherent lighting. All the conditions are thus met so that your bottles of wine are put forward.


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