comment optimiser les images pour votre site internet?

How to Optimize Images for Your Website ?

Images are essential because they naturally attract the eye. By choosing appropriate visuals to showcase your expertise in the wine industry, you’ll retain your prospects and therefore greatly increase your chances of them turning into a customer. While it is tempting to use lots and lots of photographs on your website, you should be aware that images tend to weigh down your site overall. Therefore, you need to use good practices to prevent your visuals from becoming a negative element in your communication.

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Why Use Images on Your Website ?

Imagine a website without any visuals. Only text content and nothing else. No images and no video. Very quickly, you will have the impression to have in front of you a block of text, without soul and without identity. By using appropriate formatting, but also high quality images, you will create an atmosphere that will reflect your company on the Web. Of course, a certain coherence must be established from the start so that the visuals are impactful and are especially in direct link with your values.

This is why images should be used to promote your products. You can also use videos which also have an excellent impact on the consumer. But beware, not all visitors to your website connect from the fiber optic. Some do it from their cell phone with a data network that is sometimes more limited on bandwidth. As a result, if your website is loaded with visuals, the loading time will be considerably longer.

What Are the Possible Optimizations for Images ?

First of all, we strongly recommend that you use high quality visuals that you can find on The Wine Shot image bank. It is better to use a higher resolution even if you have to reduce it afterwards to improve the loading time of your website.

If possible, choose the JPEG format corresponding to a compressed image. As a result, less time will be needed for the visitor to fully load it. In addition, it is important to play on the size of the image, especially on its resolution. If you have uploaded a 4096 x 2160 high definition image, but you are only using it as a thumbnail, there is no need to use such a large size. With smart resizing, you don’t lose any quality of the image at all, but it will be optimized for its use from the start.

Thanks to this, each visual element is optimized to minimize the loading time and thus favor the user experience. Moreover, it is a referencing criterion for many search engines, hence the importance of paying close attention to it.


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