article comment un photographe professionnel va mettre en avant votre vignoble ?

How a Photographer Enhances Your Vineyard ?

Obtaining quality images is not the result of chance, but rather of a successful experience on the part of the photographer. You have undoubtedly understood the interest of visuals in a communication strategy to develop your notoriety. It is in this sense that the photographer will evolve by taking into consideration the seasons of the vineyards. Indeed, the summer brings the ripening of grapes while the spring the budburst.

The harvest period takes place from the end of the summer until October, another activity that must be seized at the right time. During these periods, the vine leaves evolve and will not bring the same contrasts.

It is therefore necessary to take into consideration these changes as well as the lighting conditions. The experience of the photographer is undeniable here so that he can adapt to sunrise or sunset, but also to cloudy weather. As a result, the images will be faithful to your vineyard and will allow you to obtain an absolutely incomparable rendering. Once the images are available, you can use them on various digital or printed media. The Wine Shot image bank offers you high quality images that you must discover.

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Specific Equipment to Take Quality Photos

Beyond the photographer’s own skills, he will have at his disposal different materials. He will use a tripod for a better stability of the image and thus obtain a much clearer visual. In some situations, he will use a specific drone to obtain aerial views of your vineyard. On your side, this is equipment that you have to invest in, because you don’t have it at your disposal. Although it is a one-time use on your side, the photographer uses it constantly.

His investment and his budget will then be much more consequent in order to allow you to obtain an absolutely irreproachable rendering. But don’t think that the work ends when the images are on his digital card. He will have to take the time to consult them and if necessary to carry out various retouches to correct certain defects.

Graduated filters are an excellent way to control density and play with exposure variances between the foreground and the sky.

Thus, by playing with the parameters of his camera and his knowledge of retouching software, the Wine Shot photographer will be able to get totally involved in the project of creating high quality images.

Develop Your Communication on Images Representing Your Values

As a wine professional, you know that conveying emotions is essential. This can be done through stories, but also through images. For the label of your wine bottles, for advertising campaigns, for social networks, your website or for special events, images are absolutely everywhere.

By using the The Wine Shot image bank, your visual identity will become a major asset for your communication. In a direct or indirect way, you strengthen the marketing to develop your turnover in a sustainable way.


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