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Frequently asked questions

What is The Wine Shot ?

The Wine Shot is a community platform that allows authors to resell works to the wine, beer and spirits community and thus be compensated for their work.

Can the images be used online, on a website or social networks ?

Unless otherwise stated on the media concerned, the media can indeed be used on a website or social networks, as long as it respects the uses allowed by the license and does not infringe or cause confusion to a brand, a person or a company.

What type of license is offered ?

You get a license that allows you to exploit the purchased medium(s) for non-commercial and commercial use in print and digital media, except in the cases mentioned on the purchased medium. You may also retouch the photo. You are not allowed to sell, resell or distribute the images or videos on other platforms.

You may not sell copies or modified versions of the Media. You may not use Media that is linked to an identifiable brand, person or business in an offensive manner. You may not use the Media that are linked to any brand, company or person in a way that creates a misleading association with a product or service.

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