The Champagne color, the 2021 trend

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Everyone knows that Champagne is the drink that accompanies very special events. However, few people know that its color can do the same. Moreover, for 2021, the Champagne color is the trend of the year.

Just like the drink of the same name, the color Champagne, which is very soft, undeniably elegant and terribly authentic, symbolizes good things. Also, if you are looking to improve your image on the internet, to stand out from others at an event or simply to improve your decoration: consider the color Champagne.

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What is Champagne color?

Champagne, which owes its name to the alcoholic drink with bubbles, is a mixture of yellow, orange, pink and white. The Champagne color is very close to beige, but has warmer undertones. It is located on the inner, paler part of the color wheel and represents sophistication, comfort and excitement.

To be more specific, Champagne color is a yellowish brown color with a cooler tone than beige. For some years it has been used to describe the tints of luxury goods, including cars and precious stones. This color comes in multiple shades which makes styling it easier as it is a very versatile color.

Note that most often people use Champagne color to soften their look and contrast with their big fashion piece. You will also discover this type of color in our bottle packshot image database!

What does the color Champagne symbolize?

As the drink is usually consumed on happy occasions like weddings or New Years, the use of this color in the designs evokes feelings of joy. It is therefore normal that those who have activities related to wine use this color and its shades to illustrate their products.

Also, since it is a relatively neutral shade, it can also serve as a background or accent for any bright colors. Finally, the Champagne color can be used to highlight yellows and oranges. So, if you have a marketing campaign to start, seriously consider incorporating this luxurious color.

If you want to highlight your products, the Champagne color can help you. Full of surprises, it can be combined with other interesting colors…

With which colors to combine the Champagne color?​

Unsurprisingly, shades of champagne colors pair well with other neutral colors like cream, off-white, beige, and even black. The other colors that go the most with Champagne are Earth colors, shades of blue/green, and pastel colors.

It is also good for you to note that Champagne color can be paired with bright colors like red, orange, turquoise blue, aqua, mint green and fuchsia pink, just to name a few- one. The other colors will only enhance the Champagne color even more!

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