The Importance of Using Free Operating Licenses

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Those who wish to offer effective and efficient content to their visitors know that images play a very important role in achieving this goal. Besides, there is no shortage of beautiful images on the internet. For those who need to catch up, our dedicated article reminds you of the importance of images in your communication. However, remain vigilant since if you opt for images that are not royalty free, you will be in trouble.

There are two types of images on the Internet: those that are copyrighted and those that are free. So, if you don’t want to pay fines, prefer royalty-free images or buy images to obtain the right to use them to illustrate the content of your various sites; but be careful, there are traps…

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Open Source License: What Is It?

The free use license or permissive use license is, in a way, an authorization that we give to someone to use a work. Concretely, when an image is licensed under a free use license, it means that the creator of this image has given up his rights on this image.

Thus, the image in question can be used by anyone; it can be modified, distributed and even copied. Moreover, such an image can be used for commercial or personal purposes. However, it is necessary and highly recommended to cite the sources of the image or the name of its creator.

Moreover, when we talk about Creative Commons licenses, we usually mean Creative Commons licenses. Even if images are free of rights, they may be subject to a CC license.

Why Choose Images With an Open Source License?

The main reason why web designers are so encouraged to use free images is that these images are generally not a problem. The only thing to check about them, if you want to use them, is the nature of their license.

Indeed, even if royalty-free images can be copied, modified and distributed by anyone, their use may be subject to certain conditions. So, to be able to use a royalty-free image as you wish, you should preferably choose an image with a Creative Commons 0 license.

Note that there are 6 kinds of Creative Commons licenses and it is important to find out the CC license of the images you choose.

How to Find Images With Free Licenses?

If you need images with free licenses, the best option is image banks. You will find on image banks, photos, graphics and everything you need to illustrate your online content. In fact, if you are looking for images related to wine, we have some great bottle photos. Better yet, we offer a vineyard image database, a bottle photo image database and a bottle packshot image database. Also, if your company’s field of activity revolves around wine or beer, you will find in our image bank all the illustrations you need to highlight your content.

At The Wine Shot, our contributors grant you a license: once purchased, this license allows you to reuse the images without having to cite your sources and in all legality. Thus, you have visuals in high resolution, that you have the right to exploit and that are well localized. Attention: this license does not authorize you to resell or transmit the photos to other people.


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