Pourquoi choisir un appareil photo numérique plutôt qu’un téléphone portable pour vos photos ?

Why Choose a Digital Camera Over a Cell Phone for Your Photos?

Finally, digital cameras are delivered to the same fate as MP3 players. With the technological innovations embedded in cell phones, they achieve real prowess, but do they surpass traditional cameras?

It is true that the cell phone has a certain ease of mobility, because you have it with you at all times. At any time, you will be able to take a picture. In addition, its connectivity with social networks and the Internet in general allows you to transfer the photographs to your laptop or publish them directly. A simple Internet connection is enough to make this transfer.

With each new generation of cell phones, the optical sensors are becoming more and more powerful with resolutions that can reach over 100 megapixels.

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The Technical Limitations of Cell Phones

However, we should not deny it, because cell phones are far from matching the performance of digital cameras. We should rather see the Smartphone as a Swiss Army knife offering a certain versatility, but in no way any speciality. The technical limitations arrive very quickly, especially when you need to use an optical zoom. The image sensors are also much smaller and therefore less bright. As a result, the image appears with a lot of defects that unfortunately you can’t correct with specialized photo editing software.

Another important element is the trigger speed of cell phones. Much longer than on a camera, there is always a delay, making a real difference between the final result and the perception of the movement.

Finally, the last element concerns the image stabilizer. This is a particularly useful feature, especially when the weather conditions are more difficult resulting in poor lighting.

But in the End, Why Choose Between the Two?

There is often opposition between cell phones and digital cameras. On your side, you certainly hear different versions where each side advocates its advantage. What you want is high quality images that you can use in your communication. To do this, there is no need to subscribe to a professional photography service or to use your cell phone to improvise as a photographer.

The Wine Shot image bank is a fair compromise with photographs directly from the professional world. On this website, you will find thousands of pictures at your disposal with an absolutely remarkable quality. The images are not taken from simple cell phones, but from highly advanced digital cameras handled by experts in the field.

The quality will always be there and you will be able to find all the necessary illustrations to highlight the products you sell or some related services. In addition, The Wine Shot offers absolutely unbeatable pricing and you have the freedom to purchase 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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