Pourquoi le Storytelling est-il indissociable du marketing ?

Why Is Storytelling Inseparable From Marketing?

For many years now, Storytelling has been a major focus for many, many companies in the wine industry. It’s a way to nurture a reputation, but also to build one for a new business. You may wonder why people are interested in telling stories? But also why so many brands swear by this means of communication?

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The Definition of Storytelling

Quite simply, it’s about telling a story. Be careful, your prospects will be very attentive to the images and words you use, so you must not lie to them or pass on an advertising message in disguise. If you try to do so, the storytelling will undoubtedly turn against you. Just respect your prospects and give them real value. Showcase your company’s expertise and prove that it matches their expectations.

In the form of a film, a story or an image, storytelling can be presented in different ways. The textual message must be particularly strong and accompanied by a telling image. Remember when you were a child and your parents told you a story before you went to sleep? You couldn’t wait for that moment because the emotions were so strong.

Storytelling allows you to play on exactly the same emotional aspect, but this time it is not a fairy tale, but rather the story of your wine business.

Reasons to Use Storytelling

First used by companies on the other side of the Atlantic, storytelling has naturally arrived in Europe. Indeed, it is a way to avoid using direct advertising, as consumers are more hermetic. So rather than using traditional marketing considered as too aggressive, it is preferable to turn to authenticity and the notion of value by using Storytelling.

The secret lies in the approach to facilitate the development of a very specific message. Through emotion, the prospect is much more receptive and will naturally embrace your winery.

How to Succeed in Storytelling?

Mastering storytelling requires real know-how. Automatically, you must capture the attention of your audience in just a few seconds. You must therefore have a perfect knowledge of your target and a mastery of the media you use. What is certain is that you need to gather images that fit your story from the start. Nothing better in this case than to use The Wine Shot image bank to find everything you need. Whether it’s static visuals or videos, the site still specializes in the wine industry.

By gathering all these ingredients, you will be able to set up an inbound marketing strategy to satisfy your current customers and develop your network. Your visuals will have a very strong impact in order to create a unique link with your audience. With the ease of use of The Wine Shot image bank, you will quickly be won over.


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