Pourquoi une banque d’images est un atout dans le Storytelling ?

Why Is an Image Bank an Asset in Storytelling?

If you want to set up a digital storytelling, you obviously need great quality photos. Yet, you may be wondering how to get them if you can’t afford to pay a professional photographer directly. The answer to this question is extremely simple, just turn to The Wine Shot image bank which contains thousands of professionally shot images.

dessin bouteille et verre de vin

Tell Your Story With Storytelling

This is a well-known marketing principle that allows you to tell your story. Thanks to this, you will develop a much stronger commitment from your audience. But Storytelling is above all a visual way to communicate. It is therefore necessary to rely on images that will complement the textual message.

But as you can imagine, it’s not always easy to find high quality resources without it costing you a lot of money. It is in this sense that The Wine Shot image bank is present to answer perfectly to this type of problem.

Very easy to use, you will inevitably find the visuals that will match your image so that you can create a perfectly successful storytelling.

What Are the Essential Tips for Successful Storytelling

Without a good story, your storytelling cannot take shape. So you need to create a story based on a message to convey. This forms the basis of your thinking, which will then allow you to select appropriate visuals. But good storytelling doesn’t stop there. You must then determine a protagonist who is not necessarily a person. It can be a product, in this case your wine bottles or the winery or the family history of the winery.

Keep in mind that consistency is required in relation to the typical profile of your target. Then, your Storytelling will rely on emotion to generate a feeling of belonging. This story will be described through images that you will have selected from The Wine Shot image bank. Thanks to the emotion, the visitor will feel involved and it is thanks to this identification that his commitment to your brand will be much stronger.

Storytelling can be done in photo or video. But don’t forget to systematically adapt it to your communication medium. If the goal is to broadcast your Storytelling on social networks, prefer short videos, because unfortunately a story, even if correctly done, of 15 minutes will not be adapted to your audience.

From now on, you know how to use Storytelling as a digital communication weapon and above all you have the possibility to find absolutely remarkable visuals from a specialized site, The Wine Shot. Don’t hesitate to use them as inspiration to develop your visual identity.


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