Projecteurs pour tourner une vidéo

Why Use Videos on Your Website ?

Projecteurs pour tourner une vidéo

There are billions of websites on the internet, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. So, if you are lucky enough to have an audience, do your best to keep their attention. For this, images are becoming insufficient and fortunately it is possible to use videos on a website.

Studies have shown that videos placed on a website allow visitors to better absorb information. Statistics show that users stay engaged longer with video than with reading and are more likely to convert to leads after watching a video. In fact, video allows your business to communicate with your customers in a simple, yet effective way. So, if this simple fact doesn’t convince you, here are some reasons why you should use videos on your website.

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Videos Improve the Ranking of a Site on Search Engines

Contrary to popular belief, the old adage “Content is king” is also valid for videos. This is possible thanks to the use of keywords in the title, descriptions and tags of the video. And the wine industry is no exception to this rule: videos create a world, an atmosphere that takes your prospects on a journey. Well-described videos can therefore give an extra boost to SEO.

So even though the footage in the video is not indexed by search engine spiders, the way the data is optimized on the video makes a difference. In addition, Google owns YouTube and this is a built-in advantage that allows your business to have an increased presence on the Google search engine results page. Are you a winemaker? Brewer? Spirits producer? To make your videos work for you, create an optimized YouTube channel that hosts all your video content, even if the video is embedded on your website. The channel and videos provide high-quality backlinks and information about your website.

Videos Will Enhance Your Company's Identity

Video is a great way to humanize your brand and create a connection with your website or blog visitors. This connection is part of the relationship and trust building. Note that people buy from companies they trust, and a video can help bridge that gap. Videos send signals that you believe in your product or services.

In fact, even when a video is not watched, a subconscious trust signal is established between your brand and those who view it. This is why a video for your services or products is an excellent way to create emotions in your potential customers; it will encourage them to contact you. Especially since the universe is very conducive to creating immersive, educational and aesthetic content.

Videos Will Help You Stand Out From Your Competitors

Many companies are not yet aware of the importance of video, but that is about to change. As more and more companies realize the success of video marketing, your competitors may take advantage of it to get ahead of you in search results and brand messaging. Videos will help you reach new visitors to your website and create a lasting impression.

While waiting for your videos, note that we have a database of bottle and landscape images that can already help you build your brand awareness on the web. Soon we will also have videos on the theme of wine and vineyards, which you can use for your communication.


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