Pourquoi utiliser son téléphone portable pour faire des photos de qualité ?

Why Use Your Cell Phone to Take Quality Photos?

Unsurprisingly, you know that visuals are absolutely essential for your communication. If you have a limited budget, then the temptation to use a cell phone is very great. However, not all Smartphones. offer the same quality. As a result, your photographs may encounter some disparities and not look as good as you expect.
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The Technical Elements of Your Smartphone

The image sensor is an absolutely essential element. It plays a decisive role, because it will determine the quality of the image. Among these characteristics, a larger sensor allows to obtain a better rendering. It is able to capture more light which will allow your cell phone to have more data. As a result, the image has fewer errors and greater sharpness. This observation can also be made when the brightness remains relatively low.

Don’t let the number of megapixels influence your decision. Even if in theory 100 megapixels are better than 10 megapixels in optimal conditions, you have to take into consideration the format of the sensor, the pixel area and the size of the pixels.

The Limit of Cell Phones

Although it is possible to obtain quality images with a simple Smartphone, their use remains very quickly limited. Indeed, it is strongly advised against using the zoom function. If you do, you will observe a rapid deterioration of the image. Unlike a camera that you can equip with a wide-angle or telephoto lens, the cell phone does not allow it, and the focal length is not optimal either, which leads to certain limitations.

In the end, when you calculate the price of a state-of-the-art cell phone with some essential accessories such as a tripod or the addition of an extra light, the budget is consequent.

Use an Image Bank

To avoid investing in equipment representing a significant budget, why not directly choose an image bank that will offer you quality visuals.

The Wine Shot is specialized in the wine industry with thousands of images taken by professional photographers.

Because it is not enough to have quality equipment, you must also have the skills to use it and spend a lot of time on photo editing. This is the only way to get an absolutely memorable shot that will perfectly suit your company.

The Wine Shot image bank is therefore a solution to choose from the start for quality photos. You will save a lot of time and money instead of going into photography from a cell phone. It’s also a great way to save money by not having to pay for the services of a dedicated photographer.

By opting for this solution, you have all the elements at your disposal to succeed in the visual communication of your wine company. Ideal to develop your notoriety with quality photographs to push your communication.


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