quand le storytelling devient un outil de communication indispensable

When Storytelling Becomes an Indispensable Communication Tool

This may not be the first time you’ve heard about the benefits regarding Video Storytelling. Indeed, it is a marketing strategy that is particularly effective and demonstrates the stakes of communication.

Faced with this opportunity, it would be a shame to do without a particularly powerful marketing lever that will allow you to develop your company’s image.

dessin bouteille et verre de vin

When Video Storytelling Becomes a Must in the Wine Industry

From a statistical standpoint, according to a Tubular Insights study, 73 percent of B2B marketing experts believe that video delivers a faster return on investment because its impact is undeniable. Another finding is that Facebook users spend five times more time on video content than on static content.

Storytelling allows you to tell a story and trigger emotions rather than relying on reason. It is a marketing strategy that will allow you to establish a very special bond with your customers.

The winery lends itself perfectly to this, as you will be able to tell the story of your vineyard and that of your company. Emotions will be the order of the day here and transcribed in your know-how to produce the wine.

The Benefits of Video Storytelling

Keeping the attention of the Internet user and arousing an interest on the first benefits of Storytelling. You broadcast messages with a wide variety of content but they will not be in the form of a commercial. It is therefore essential to personalize your communication to directly reach your target. By talking about your own experience, your story will resonate with a wider audience.

But for successful storytelling, you must not skimp on the first few seconds of the video, because the Internet user is volatile. If you are not able to capture the visitor’s attention from the start, he will have no qualms about skipping your video.

Storytelling must therefore be dynamic and playful with an educational approach. It’s a way to use your sales force to trigger an action from the Internet user.

But for storytelling to create a sense of belonging to your company, it is important to convey a specific message and not to do it randomly. Otherwise, you will get the opposite effect with negative feedback. In order for your communication strategy to be as efficient as possible, you can hire a storytelling professional who will know perfectly how to represent your brand in order to create a feeling of closeness.

But rather than focusing on a specific audience, it’s the perfect opportunity to reach out to a new audience. Whatever your communication budget and expectations, video storytelling can be easily adapted to your requirements.

Like any communication medium, everything must be thought out from the start to agree on the values and the story to convey.


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